Tuesday, July 22, 2008

(It should be there by now...)

MC Ice say he old skool, that he need to read hard copy
But I ain't afraid to meet him where he be, on his home territory
I'll put pen to paper for Team USPS delivery
Of bluegrass beatbox tracks to his Lonesome Valley

Now B Gears may not be as lean as your man Busy Bee
But the tight curves on this Queen are the only advantages I need
My legs are longer than Longo's, my booty straight outta the Pyrenees
Only serious competitors need apply, cuz I ain't talkin cat 2s and 3s

Lycra, cotton, wool...damn, what is this, Project Runway?
Sheeit, playa, wearing nothing but a smile I'll race you any day
and still win points for better style than you and your legs of clay
No doubt about it--you readin' tomorrow's news today.

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