Friday, December 19, 2008

2 skinsuits and a microphone, weakest shit I've ever known:

'Bout as risky as drafting Zabriskie
'Bout as crappy as the fork under Hincapie
No rhymer, wisenheimer like Leipheimer
Get you like L. Beppu and wreck ya like Bileka
But it ain't over, dick, make like Brajkovič
(say what)
Contador, Cruz, Cummings
These three C's breeze like C-C-Cool Runnings
LOOK OUT, it's Rubiera derrière ya
That means behind ya, John Devine ya
Break 'em off like Ek-i-mov
Say eke-a-move, Antonio Cruz, Vladmir Gruse
-Ev, who's left, somebody yellow next, wek, I mean weak
Yo rap's a pip squeak, mine's a bellow ---

*speakers blow, I pop a wheelie and ride out of here*

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