Friday, December 19, 2008

This goes out to all you brake-hatas:

YES it’s a Friday, and I’m gonna make it my day
MC Ice is back, he gonna burn you like a fried egg
poach you on the road like a commuter in a kermesse
on the bike, mic or computer my palmarès are the best

What? You think you Sean Kelly?
You must be trippin, cuz – you couldn’t even be a stagiare for Jelly Belly
Wearin earrings like Ricco? Hell, you might as well be Nelly
(‘cept that fool would never be caught watchin Versus on the telly)

One thing is clear, like crystal -
and that’s the fact that I rhyme hotta than a $2 pistol
Try to bring it and I’ll drop you like Rittsel
leave you gaspin for air as you caught out in the mistral…


The Dropouts said...

2 skinsuits and a microphone, weakest shit I've ever known:

'Bout as risky as drafting Zabriskie /
'Bout as crappy as the fork under Hincapie /
No rhymer, wisenheimer like Leipheimer /
Get you like L. Beppu and wreck ya like Bileka /
But it ain't over, dick, make like Brajkovič /
(say what)
Contador, Cruz, Cummings /
These three C's breeze like C-C-Cool Runnings /
LOOK OUT, it's Rubiera derrière ya /
That means behind ya, John Devine ya /
Break 'em off like Ek-i-mov /
Say eke-a-move, Antonio Cruz, Vladmir Gruse /
-Ev, who's left, somebody yellow next, wek, I mean weak /
Yo rap's a pip squeak, mine's a bellow ---

*speakers blow, I pop a wheelie and ride out of here*

Ice y Hot said...

Yo rear entry -

Drop those lightweight stanzas to belgians@2skinsuitsandamicrophone and the battle will be on.