Thursday, December 11, 2008

Apparently photos of P-fars are more important than cycling solidarity
Dissin B. Gears? Not only does that shout hilarity, but it’s a mothaf*ckin rarity
that gril be fresher than Soap on a Rope –
straight-up Amen, and you can take that straight to the Pope

if Snob wasn’t bogged down in
panty-bedecked fixies
he’d revel in the fact that he has fans in these cyclo-emcees
instead his blogspot traffic is gettin downright pornographic
if he continue to front Queen B, I’ma haveta hit his Ironic Orange Julius Bike with

like this and like that and like this and like that
like an Uzi my Dura-Ace be goin rat a tat tat
as I climb through the gears up to fifty fo’-ten
to roll past all you suckaz all over again…

1 comment: said...

BSNYC must be a straight-up playa hata, yo -

and this $hit about hatas holdin the mayo? Damn, that blogga must be retardo gayo

MC Ice y Hot, now he sounds like an ese -
truth be told, he about as Latino as Super Besse

but give him a mic and he'll rock you like "Busy's Revenge w/ Kid Capri" (

usin two wheels to mow down the wack MCs, now that's his born destiny...