Thursday, June 12, 2008

BB 6.12.08 no. 1

Usin words like ‘illuminate’ and ‘nigh’ ? Cracka, you must be high
I’ma have to fumigate my monitor after I wipe my tear-stained eye
from cryin ‘bout how low you’ve sunk – I see you frownin as you drownin
like the Titanic ‘neath the crush of my four-line slam dunk

and if you think ‘Coppi’ rhyme with ‘Nazis’, $hit girl, please
you must have a damn speech impediment with pairings such as these
draggin Gino’s good name through sediment like overcooked pasta calamarata
Italians be shippin you off to Islamorada, you can forget the frittata

you no better than the fascists that dogged my man Ottavio Bottecchia
only thing you know about Italia is yo misinterpreted lyrics to La Isla Bonita
so, like AC/DC, when I reply to your faint rap cry it’s like givin a dog a bone
my dual needles grace the shellac while you got yo finger in the air like ET tryin to phone home

my rhymes cut you down to size, don’t even need my backhand
they straight leave you lookin like Tattoo from Fantasy Island
and the next time you diss Huffy, best do some fact-checkin
Andy Hampsten Huffy’d to Giro victory back when he was ridin for 7-11…

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