Monday, June 2, 2008

Blaze Battle XXVII

Say what? If you lookin to surpass my stella hella
best hook a motor up to yo Bianchi else it's ciao, bella
I don't know why you gotta harass me
even though you ain't close enough to see my ass, G

spoutin cryptic knowledge like you straight outta Middle Earth -
unicorns and chain mail, I'd say you on home turf
if you had hair on your toes, you'd almost be a hobbit
but instead you swingin crazed blades like a lycra-clad Lorena Bobbit

let's face it - my rhymes are the dopest
they straight make ya dirty, leavin you scrappin for Soap on a Ropest
and you might wanna work on yo meter, like Tony Danza's
so they ain't an inconsistent number of lines in yo stanzas

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