Monday, June 2, 2008

Blaze Battle XXVII

Ice, I see your rhythym is bout as sharp as your rhyme
so let me put in line breaks to help you visualize the time
the beats are unleashed while I spit tight lines
or are you so dull you need me to pantomime?

Now I thought you said I'd be quotin the founder of The Damned
But you the one droppin "Say what" at the start of your jam
You sure you readin me right? You know these ain't anagrams
maybe you need a little help from Sam-i-am

to keep up wit my numerous references
I'll give you time to think on 'em while I snack on elevenses
Unless maybe you finally comin to your senses
And recognizin Who's the Boss--your girl Britney Gears is

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