Monday, June 2, 2008

Blaze Battle XXVIII

Casio, Tandy, Apple IIc -
that may be all it take to get you randy, but just 'tween you and me
I'd say TW's got you whistl'in tweedle-e-dee
much as you talk about that guy, I'ma haveta rename him Mr. B

If you really want samples that'll drop yours to the floor
let me dig around the closet and dust off my Commodore 64
same as I'll dust you on my bike, just like I did before
leave ya ped'lin nothin but yo a$$ just so you can buy painkillers at the drug store

Don't even talk about sharp - I'll cutcha like a mothaf*ckin Ginsu
so what if it only cost $2.95 - can't talk smack 'cause you know I'm gonna win, too
I'll scalp ya like Carradine from Kung Fu
launch a sneak black ninja attack while you trying to memorize "Best of Wu"

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