Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blaze Battle XXXVIII

Now don't get jealous of me talkin about Mr. B
Much as T-Dubs confounds me, it's your skinsuit that astounds me
into harassing and sassing yo fine a$$ almost daily
Well, that, plus your knowledge of ancient IT

Commodore 64? Shut the door and dim the lights!
I'm easy like Sunday morning for a guy who can play International Karate all night--yeah, right
You busy fiddlin witcha joystick while I'm busy takin a hike
out the door and into the night on my bike

You think you left me in the dust once? Trust this--I wasn't even trying to keep pace
RFTF is a ride, it ain't a race
We hit the streets for real, face-to-face?
Aww hell, you'd never show for it cuz you know I'd put you in your place

You say you like history, well that's what you'd be to me
when I spin back to the future to hook up with my Lady Atomic posse
Won't need no flux capacitor like Doc Brown and Marty
I'ma pedal thru the eigth dimension with Buckaroo and Perfect Tommy

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