Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Check it, your recall is weak--B didn't beg for mercy
I gave Ice props; leave it to you to use that against me
Is that how you wanna be? Damn, b$tch, you sure ain't no Hincapie
It's aight you can't appreciate me; just know those're the last words of respect you get from me

So who was it you heard beggin for clemency?
Musta been the seams of your extra-small lycra onesie
You think they hug your shameful a$$, but they really screamin "please, no, you don't fit in me!!"
(Somethin I'm sure Ice never hear from the ladies...)

And speaking of tiny pickles, it sure do tickle me
your worryin about how often my wanderin eyes be
heading T-dub's way; I'm thinkin it must be jealousy
except you ain't jealous of him--you jealous of ME

You need me outta your way so you and TW can play
roll in the hay, mold each other like clay...
All this time, is that what you been tryin to say?
If so, B's happy to obey and be on her bike and on her way

Before I go, PLEASE playa, how many times I gotta say
Consult a dictionary before you send your words my way
RubiK's cube--That's right, this rhyme was brought to you by the letter K
Unless you were tryin to be edgy with that X, in which case, um...try again another day

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