Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Once again, she relies on semantics
to try to keep pace with my madcap mic antics
if you know how to spell Rubik’s correctly, must be ‘cause you at home playin witcha toy
while I slayin rappas like you, makin ‘em look ‘bout as tough as the cover of U2’s Boy

you think Georgie H bein nice to the competition?
he leavin ‘em for dead on the cobbles of Ghent-Wevelgem while you dirty dishin
doin chores for the mastas of this game, pretendin somebody knows your name
while you caught in the flow of this rappin lion’s mane

if my rocks pop the seams of my chamois, it’s ‘cause like Chocolade Jacques
I got the Parisian ladies sayin “Vouslez vous couchez avec moi?
after drinkin champagne and eatin fois gras
while you still lookin for the start of the race in Charleroi

like late 911 you wearin the late crown
started with a smiley face but now you wearin a frown
when Ice take the stage you oughta just learn to bow down
‘steada pretendin Gears is anything more than a plural noun...

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