Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You call it fallin back on semantix
I call it pointin out you keep makin the same lame mistakes
Until you come correct and make it a challenge to cut you to the quick
I'll just keep skimmin the surface of my verbal bag o'trix

G-hopper, there's nothin weak about givin respect when it's due (which it ain't, now, to you)
I'm saying that's somethin Hincapie--and B--could teach you
even when leaving all comers in the dust where they belong
See, I know there's no pride in defeating the lame when I can defeat the strong

That's why you need to slow it down, step it up, and stop dreamin
if you want any more attention in this battle from me
Cuz your prissy, preenin', in-need-of-weanin,
overgeared wannabe-Belgian style's giving me nothin but ennui

(Oh, and you must be livin in Belle Reve with Blanche duBois
if you think any French honey is askin you to "coucher avec moi"
Before you drop your chamois, check her iPod
cuz she prolly just singing out loud along with "Lady Marmalade")

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